Being a Lawyer and Being Ourself is not Mutually Exclusive.

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Thomas Ingram (T I) Law Group is a legal services firm providing experienced counsel and creative solutions to individuals & businesses.

T I Promotes Authenticity in Service

and friendship and shared core values serve as its foundation. Columbus, Ohio natives Stefan T.E. Thomas and Ashley S. Ingram met while pursuing their legal education at Capital University Law School.  After becoming learned in law and business through their respective career pursuits, Thomas and Ingram came together to create T I Law Group.

We succeed when our clients thrive.

We strive to walk with clients at every stage and are proud to serve as a trusted advisor.


…in everything we do. We embrace our authenticity as individuals. The value that it brings to the way we do business differentiates us and allows us to bring a fresh and well-rounded approach.

Bias for Action

…resolutionists. We continuously grow our expertise in law and industries to constantly achieve the most optimal and actionable solution for our clients.

Challenge the Status Quo

…untethered to the thought of doing things the way they’ve always been done. We challenge ourselves to create unique solutions that are custom to the needs of each client.

Social Conscience

...our cultural awareness is anchored by our personal experiences and journeys. We value an environment of inclusion and refuge for all people, of all backgrounds and all socio-economic statuses.


…consider us your trusted advisor. We foster client trust by conducting business comprehensively and responsively.
A strong community means

A strong future

We value working alongside community organizations to build a great present and future.