A Black-Owned Law Firm in Columbus, Ohio

About Thomas Ingram Law Group

Thomas Ingram Law Group exists to accomplish one thing – success for our clients.

For our business clients, this may mean restructuring the company to leverage a newly identified market opportunity or manage a large workforce.

For our entrepreneurs, this may mean supporting a strategy to scale, take on new partners, or secure financing.

For individuals, success may look like protecting assets, developing a plan for the management and disposal of personal assets, or securing investments.

Whatever success looks like, Thomas Ingram is here to be a partner in securing that success.

Thomas Ingram Law Group - Attorneys Ashley S. Ingram and Stefan T.E. Thomas

Promoting authenticity in service

Thomas Ingram Law Group, affectionately known as “T I,” promotes authenticity in service. T I is a Black-owned legal services firm that provides experienced counsel and creative solutions to businesses, entrepreneurs, and individuals. Described as “young, gifted, and Black” by C-suite executive clients, Stefan T. E. Thomas and Ashley S. Ingram partnered to inspire ideation and forward thinking within the firm and for supported clients.

Dedicated to establishing a culture where all thoughts and perspectives are appreciated and heard, Thomas and Ingram position the firm to creatively solve problems and ideate for clients through bringing comprehensive ideas, backgrounds, real-world experiences, and diligence to each client.

Serving clients of all sizes and at all stages, Thomas and Ingram combine their backgrounds from midsize law and big four accounting into an intimate landscape, cultivating expert solutions and trusting relationships. T I brings together professionals with experience from government to Fortune corporations to provide valuable services for its clients. Citing a veteran Big Law business attorney, T I’s “commitment to excellence has been evident at every stage of the creation and nurturing of their legal practice.”

Progress is our motivator

We strive to see our clients progress beyond current standing to aspiring goal-states. We recognize that each client comes with its own unique circumstances, so we approach each client with a custom strategy. While each client is unique, each client gets the same care.

A unique legal practice

A practice where being a lawyer and being oneself are not mutually exclusive.

Ashley S. Ingram, Esq.
Kimberly D Lawrence, Esq.