Thomas Ingram Law Group works diligently with governing authorities (also known as the “board of directors” or “board”) to help navigate the charter school ecosystem while they create a valuable learning experience for students.

Community schools (also known as “charter schools”) are one of multiple educational pathways available in Ohio. Serving over 116,000 students throughout Ohio, community schools’ governing authorities are a critical component to the existence of each school. T I attorneys offer an empathetic supportive approach as they maintain firsthand knowledge as former governing authority members of multiple community schools and being community members where community schools are situated.

T I + Education Laws

Although community schools are granted a great amount of flexibility, they remain subject to state and federal laws. Those laws are generally the same or are parallel laws that subject traditional school districts. T I attorneys assist with navigating laws such as the First Amendment, the Fourteenth Amendment, Title IX, FERPA, and R.C. 3314. T I supports with implementing family engagement efforts, school disciplinary actions, regulated activities due or tied to federal funding, and more. T I attorneys works diligently with governing authorities in the creation of positive, exciting, and compliant education experience.

T I + Governing Authority Protection

Governing authorities are comprised of volunteers. These individuals must oversee not only the operations and compliance of the school, but compliance of their own actions. As one of two required groups needed for a community school to exists, sponsors being the other, it is critically important that governing authorities take action in an intentional and informed manner for the sustainment of educational offerings to children. T I attorneys ensure actions taken by the governing authority are permissible and properly implemented and members are compliant with legal and charter requirements. T I attorneys also maintain continued governing authority functions, actions, and desires when members are unable to be present or fully engaged in their volunteer capacity. T I attorneys are dedicated to protecting, informing, equipping, and advocating for and on behalf of governing authorities.

Helping Boards with


T I attorneys support governing authorities with…

  • Operator + additional vendor relations
  • Sponsor relations
  • Contractual matters
  • Real estate matters
  • Personnel matters
  • Litigation matters
  • Nonprofit functions

Regulatory Navigation. T I attorneys help governing authorities navigate…

  • Student rights
  • Parental rights
  • Sunshine law compliance
  • Charter compliance 
  • ORC compliance
  • Education laws 
  • Audit functions

Governing Authority Actions.

T I attorneys help governing authorities manage…

  • Policy development and maintenance
  • Public relations + responsiveness
  • Parliamentary procedures
  • Legislative responsiveness
  • Fiscal accountability
  • Decisions + strategic considerations   
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