At Thomas Ingram Law Group, we understand that estate planning is a crucial part of life’s journey, providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Our dedicated attorneys in Columbus, Ohio, specialize in crafting comprehensive estate plans tailored to each client’s unique needs and future aspirations. We are committed to ensuring that your legacy is protected and your wishes are respected.

T I’s Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

Navigating the future requires foresight and precision, especially when it involves legal intricacies. T I provides a full spectrum of estate planning services, ensuring every detail is meticulously addressed.

Drafting Essential Documents

  • Wills: Outlining the distribution of your assets, T I ensures your will reflects your wishes and adheres to Ohio laws.
  • Living Wills: We assist in creating living wills that dictate your desires regarding medical care, ensuring your choices are respected.
  • Power of Attorney: T I drafts power of attorney documents, granting trusted individuals the authority to make decisions on your behalf.

Recognizing the Value of Living Trusts

  • T I identifies when revocable living trusts may be valuable to you and drafts revocable living trusts that offer flexibility and control. Our attorneys educate and guide you through the complexities of trust formation, funding, and management.

Your Future, Our Expertise

At Thomas Ingram Law Group, estate planning is more than drafting documents; it’s about understanding your life story and translating it into a legal framework that protects and perpetuates your legacy. Our Columbus, Ohio team is dedicated to providing personalized, knowledgeable, and compassionate estate planning services. Plan with us, and rest assured that your future and the future of your loved ones are in capable hands.

Case Studies

Customized Family Trust Creation.

A client with a diverse portfolio of assets sought to establish a trust to provide for their children while minimizing tax implications. T I attorneys meticulously crafted a customized family trust, balancing the client’s wishes with legal and tax efficiencies.

Estate Planning for a Business Owner

A local entrepreneur required a comprehensive estate plan that incorporated their business interests. T I facilitated the integration of business succession plans into the estate plan, ensuring a seamless transition and safeguarding the entrepreneur’s legacy.

Navigating Interstate Estate Planning

A client with properties and assets in multiple states faced complex estate planning challenges. T I attorneys developed a strategic plan that addressed the varying legal requirements of each jurisdiction, ensuring a cohesive and effective estate plan.

Progress is our motivator

We strive to see our clients progress beyond current standing to aspiring goal-states. We recognize that each client comes with its own unique circumstances, so we approach each client with a custom strategy. While each client is unique, each client gets the same care.

A unique legal practice