Thomas Ingram Law Group supports its clients as they execute exit strategies and expand their market share.

Thomas Ingram supports businesses of various sizes and structures to successfully analyze and complete private sales of business. T I attorneys have supported and led acquisitions and divestitures and consulted on mergers. Thomas Ingram supports entrepreneurs, limited liability companies, and for-profit and non-profit corporations.

T I Supporting the Deal

Working with Parties

From initiation to completion, T I attorneys work with multiple parties to see the transaction through to completion. T I attorneys collaborate in order understand, structure, and close deals. Collaborating parties are custom to each transaction.

  • Purchasers 
  • Targets
  • Brokers 
  • Finance institutions
  • Banking institutions 
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Insurance professionals

Dealing in the Documents

T I attorneys develop and analyze letters of intent (“LOI”) to determine whether prospectively the parties closely align to complete a transaction. T I attorneys develop, analyze, and negotiate definitive agreements and ancillary agreements and instruments to ensure the deal is properly memorialized and to decrease exposure to deal risks and liabilities.

  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Assignment and assumption agreements
  • Promissory notes
  • Bills of sale
  • Guarantees
  • Loan packages
  • Corporate actions and resolutions
  • Third-party consents
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Commercial leases

Completing the Diligence

T I attorneys analyze and negotiate instruments, relationships, and liabilities to ensure alignment across parties and mitigate and assign risks. In supporting and leading diligence efforts, T I attorneys collaborate with advisors and experts to ensure clients are fully knowledgeable in all aspects of the transaction. Thomas Ingram manages diligence efforts across various aspects of entities involved in the transaction.

  • Organization 
  • Personnel
  • Intellectual Property
  • Tax
  • Compliance
  • Legal 
  • Business

Case Studies

The Franchise Acquisition.

Business client desired to acquire a franchisee. Thomas Ingram served as lead counsel to purchaser to manage the underlying franchise relationship and the substantive acquisition. Thomas Ingram collaborated with brokers, counsel for target, banking institution, franchisor, and accounting experts. Diligence included analyzing and negotiating items such as franchise disclosure document, franchise agreement, lease, and asset purchase agreement. Diligence also included negotiating and educating on matters such as lending instruments, B2B private debt instruments, and flow of funds memorandum. A 4-month+ acquisition process resulted in client being financed, acquiring franchisee, being approved and entering into franchise, and operating franchise.

Selling the Insurance Brokerage.

20+ year-old insurance brokerage was solicited for purchase by expanding brokerage. Representing target, Thomas Ingram navigated and educated on matters regarding agent agreements, territory agreements, and premiums. Acquisition resulted in the conveyance of major assets including insurance contracts, clients, and premiums and executive of target remaining as consultant to purchaser.

Selling in the Early Learning Space.

President of early education client desired to sell and exit market. Thomas Ingram collaborated with client, purchaser, broker, lending institution, and compliance teams to ensure proper management and transitioning of governmental items, personnel, real property, and financing items. After 3-month acquisition process, client successfully closed acquisition and President of client served as consultant for purchaser post-closing.

Progress is our motivator

We strive to see our clients progress beyond current standing to aspiring goal-states. We recognize that each client comes with its own unique circumstances, so we approach each client with a custom strategy. While each client is unique, each client gets the same care.

A unique legal practice

A practice where being a lawyer and being oneself are not mutually exclusive.

Black M&A Attorneys in Columbus

T I is a certified minority-owned law firm focusing on transactional law. T I attorneys practice in the areas of arts + entertainment, business, commercial real estate, education, estate planning, mergers + acquisitions, probate, residential real estate, and tax. T I supports for-profit entities, non-profit entities, and individuals from around the United States. One of few Black-owned law firms in Columbus, Ohio, an awarded senior attorney describes T I as an “aggressive, innovative and talented firm” with attorneys who “bring a new energy to the practice of law.”

Friendship and shared core values serve as the foundation. Columbus, Ohio natives Stefan T. E. Thomas and Ashley S. Ingram met while pursuing their legal education at Capital University Law School. After becoming learned in law and business through their respective career pursuits, Thomas and Ingram came together to create T I Law Group.

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