Thomas Ingram Law Group partners with businesses to create and sustain their value and to complete successful transitions, changes, and exits.

Thomas Ingram supports for-profit entities, non-profit entities, and individuals in entrepreneurial ventures. For over seven years, T I has served as outside general counsel, provided project support, and managed single transactions. Clients of T I range from start-ups to mature entities managing over $40M in assets and workforces of 400+ employees. For their work in business law, T I attorneys have received awards and recognition, including Super Lawyers Rising Star.

T I Supporting Businesses

Thomas Ingram supports Ohio-based businesses impacting the U.S. and businesses from around the U.S. in a multitude of ways, including:

  • Day-to-day support, sitting with clients to understand their goals and chart paths to achievement;
  • Understanding and negotiating various contracts such as:
    • Franchise agreements;
    • Master service agreements;
    • Service agreements;
    • Software agreements;
    • Vendor agreements;
    • Licenses;
    • Contractor agreements; and
    • Purchase agreements.
  • Protecting intellectual property by leading clients through federal trademark and copyright filing processes;
  • Establishing a sound online presence through generating online policies, supporting with web and application processes, educating on legal compliance, and supporting in crisis management;
  • Interpreting and training on federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and regulations, and creating processes to maintain compliant; and
  • Representation against regulatory or litigation issues before administrative bodies, local, municipal, and state courts.

T I Supporting For-Profit Entities

T I attorneys advise through a practical lens as they too own and operate businesses and family-owned businesses. T I attorneys support with structuring and transactions. T I develops limited liability single and multi-member operating agreements, membership interest purchase agreements, buy-sell agreements, corporate bylaws, board of directors agreements, and shareholder agreements. T I helps business leaders, investment groups, and entrepreneurs navigate financing, private offerings, and securities. T I attorneys manage international dealings and partner with international attorneys to form entities and protect assets in the U.S. and abroad.

T I Supporting Non-Profit Entities

T I attorneys bring unique and empathetic perspectives as the attorneys serve as board and trustee members for tax-exempt organizations and have founded their own service entities and initiatives. T I attorneys support with formation, governance, and operations, including helping clients obtain 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status. T I develops bylaws and board policies, conducts multistate surveys, produces compliance tactics and considerations, and supports clients in navigating federal, state, and private funding and fiscal agency relations.

Thomas Ingram is committed to its clients’ longevity and business goal attainment. Through understanding and strong bonds, T I is able to provide forward thinking and custom solutions.

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Case Studies

Leveraging the QOZB.

Business client desired to secure a position in a qualified opportunity zone (QOZB) investment valued at $47.5M. Client required understanding of risks, management, and structural components of the deal. Thomas Ingram provided counsel resulting in analysis of investment position, recommendation of management structures, side-by-side audit of pertinent entities to the investment, structuring of relevant for-profit entities and management to leverage the benefits of the Qualified Opportunity Fund, securing of investment of 20 private investors, and injection alongside other entity investors.

For-Profit Income Tax Issues.

For-profit business client was facing substantial overstatement of federal tax due following an IRS audit. Upon review of client’s bookkeeping procedures and taxation status, T I determined that the business was entitled to a reduction in tax liability, interest, and penalties in excess of five figures. T I sought and obtained relief for the client in excess of $40,000 for one tax period.

501(c)(3) Dealing with Disgruntled Employee.

Non-profit client received demand letter and was subsequently sued for reverse gender discrimination by a recently terminated disgruntled employee. The non-profit opted to forgo settling the case and proceeded to contest the claims. T I represented the non-profit against the former employee and all claims brought against the non-profit by the former employee were dismissed by the court on summary judgment.

Transitioning from 501(c)(4) to 501(c)(3).

Business client was a 47-year-old 501(c)(4) advising on federal regulatory matters. Client desired to leverage the 501(c)(3) status for financing and partnering opportunities. Thomas Ingram advised on a 1-year filing and transition process resulting in the successful awarding of the 501(c)(3) tax-exemption status.

Progress is our motivator

We strive to see our clients progress beyond current standing to aspiring goal-states. We recognize that each client comes with its own unique circumstances, so we approach each client with a custom strategy. While each client is unique, each client gets the same care.

A unique legal practice

A practice where being a lawyer and being oneself are not mutually exclusive.

Black Business Attorneys in Columbus

T I is a certified minority-owned law firm focusing on transactional law. T I attorneys practice in the areas of arts + entertainment, business, commercial real estate, education, estate planning, mergers + acquisitions, probate, residential real estate, and tax. T I supports for-profit entities, non-profit entities, and individuals from around the United States. One of few Black-owned law firms in Columbus, Ohio, an awarded senior attorney describes T I as an “aggressive, innovative and talented firm” with attorneys who “bring a new energy to the practice of law.”

Friendship and shared core values serve as the foundation. Columbus, Ohio natives Stefan T. E. Thomas and Ashley S. Ingram met while pursuing their legal education at Capital University Law School. After becoming learned in law and business through their respective career pursuits, Thomas and Ingram came together to create T I Law Group.

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