Practice Areas


Entrepreneurs and Start-ups help the world go round. T I recognizes the necessity of new business coming into the marketplace and as such, it works diligently to counsel emerging businesses with establishing a strong foundation, whether related to formation, operation, or financing decisions.
Entities with a track record ensure our economy remains firm and flourishing. To ensure established businesses remain successful, T I counsels clients on matters related to vendors, employee relations, independent contractors, property, and business disputes.
Business happens in more places than just home. To remain a competitive player in the global marketplace, T I counsels clients with issues related to doing business abroad such as contracting abroad, entity formation, partnering abroad, FATCA, FCPA, and OFAC.


T I is dedicated to the Arts, serving artistic individuals and entities. T I counsels a myriad of artistic clientele such as musicians, dancers, actors, dance companies, production companies, and more. It counsels its clients in a wide range of matters, from liability matters to contractual matters.

Estate Planning

Planning and preparing for the future are important items that everyone must have on their checklist. T I helps with this task by executing wills, living wills, power of attorneys, trusts, and more.

Government Affairs

Government makes the world go round. T I bridges the gap between clients and government. T I assists clients anticipate legislative and regulatory developments and policy trends. And T I cultivates cooperative relationships with public officials and state agencies whose oversight could impact clients and their respective industries.

Intellectual Property

Commerce runs with security in products and branding. T I counsels individuals and brands on the importance of protecting products and brands. T I helps clients protect themselves and control their presence in commerce through vehicles like licensing, copyright, and trademark.


No one builds a relationship to fail; unfortunately, it happens. In those times, T I delicately guides clients through the rough patch. Whether settling contract breaches, defamation claims, or debt obligations, T I works for the most effective and efficient resolve.
There are times when one must deal with the court system, despite reluctance. In those times, T I works to ensure each client receives the justice deserved. T I works in a wide range of criminal matters such as breaking and entering, burglary, falsification, obstruction of justice, and OVI.

Probate Law

Estate administration can be an overwhelming task in the wake of loss. Handling creditors, debtors, family, and property issues, are all endeavors no person wants to perform during their time of grieving. T I confidently assists with this process and ensures your loved ones’ estate is properly handled.

Real Property

Property investment, development, and management are complex matters. T I counsels individuals and businesses in real property matters such as lease agreements, purchase agreements, and land sale contracts.
Whether representing the Landlord or Tenant, T I understands that property matters are of high interest. T I negotiates and deliberates before courts and arbitrators to ensure an equitable result for each client to help quickly resolve such a sensitive matter.


Individuals and businesses are faced with tax obligations, and determining best tax strategies and working with the IRS can be an intimidating task. T I effectively represents individuals and businesses in making quality tax decisions and before the IRS. T I also assists organizations in obtaining tax-exempt status.