Thomas Ingram Law Group works with tax-exempt organizations at all stages. T I attorneys support Ohio tax-exempt organizations and tax-exempt organizations situated in Ohio while maintaining operations and activations across the U.S. Although a misconception sometimes exists regarding the profit generation and business complexities that exist with nonprofit organizations (NPOs), T I attorneys work diligently to provide education, legal planning, and business advising to NPO leaders to maximize the impact of the purpose, mission, and vision of each organization.

T I Supporting Initial + Transitioning NPOs

One of the most tedious tasks can be determining whether to form an NPO. Considerations around revenue, succession, profitability, restrictions, are only a few items to be considered. For some, transitioning between 501(c) statuses may be necessary due to possible changes in funding source or implementation of the organizational objectives. Which exemption is appropriate, which filing type is best are considerations with which T I attorneys engage consistently. T I attorneys support founding individuals and groups with determining the optimal status and the approaches to achieving goal state.

T I Supporting NPO Sustainment

All organizations move through a lifecycle, and NPOs are no different. Some organizations are focused on sustainment, while others are focused on operational or geographical expansion. Organizations that have reached stability may begin to manage board optimization, expansion and diversification of funding, refining systems, making workforce and operational decisions based on developed strategy, control mission creep, or something other. T I attorneys work closely with operations and board leadership to protect the organization, achieve defined goals, and continue to deliver the social benefits anticipated by the organization.

Supporting NPOs


T I attorneys have supported NPOs with…

  • 1023 preparations and filings
  • 1023EZ and 1023 analyses
  • Board structuring
  • Board functions
  • Organizational document development
  • Contractor matters
  • Business operations
  • Funding mechanisms
  • Real estate matters


T I attorneys have supported sustaining NPOs with…

  • Board functions and compliance
  • Capital campaign considerations
  • Endowment considerations
  • Multi-jurisdictional considerations
  • Local, state, and federal regulations and compliance
  • OSHA compliance
  • Labor and employment matters
  • Parent-subsidiary structuring
  • Joint venture considerations
  • Commercial real estate leases and acquisitions 
  • UBI analyses
  • Copyright and trademark matters
  • Administrative litigation 
  • Civil litigation
Progress is our motivator

We strive to see our clients progress beyond current standing to aspiring goal-states. We recognize that each client comes with its own unique circumstances, so we approach each client with a custom strategy. While each client is unique, each client gets the same care.

A unique legal practice

A practice where being a lawyer and being oneself are not mutually exclusive.

Black Nonprofit Attorneys in Columbus, Ohio

T I is a certified minority-owned law firm focusing on transactional law. T I attorneys practice in the areas of arts + entertainment, business, commercial real estate, education, estate planning, mergers + acquisitions, probate, residential real estate, and tax. T I supports for-profit entities, non-profit entities, and individuals from around the United States. One of few Black-owned law firms in Columbus, Ohio, an awarded senior attorney describes T I as an “aggressive, innovative and talented firm” with attorneys who “bring a new energy to the practice of law.”

Friendship and shared core values serve as the foundation. Columbus, Ohio natives Stefan T. E. Thomas and Ashley S. Ingram met while pursuing their legal education at Capital University Law School. After becoming learned in law and business through their respective career pursuits, Thomas and Ingram came together to create T I Law Group.

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